To Share

Duet of homemade croquettes       13,50€

Roast chicken and king prawn

Patatas bravas 12,00€

Flaky potatoes sticks with spicy tomato sauce

Oxtail dumplings                                         13,50€

Dumplings with shredded oxtail filling and Hoisin sauce

King prawn and tamarind tacos                                          14,00€

King prawn in tempura, tamarind sauce, chilli guajillo, pico de gallo and avocado cream

Mango and avocado salad                      14,50€

Fresh buds, berries, mango, avocado and tamarind vinaigrette

King prawn and octopus carpaccio warm salad        16,00€

Warm salad with king prawns, yoghourt-mustard and tamarind vinaigrette

Codfish delights in tempura               15,00€

Codfish cubes in brown beer tempura, parmentier on a pea cream bedding

Vegan dumplings                                        12,00€

Mushroom and soya dumplings with coconut milk

Vegan nuggets                                          14,00€

Nuggets with wheat protein, tofu and mushrooms

Main Dishes

Cod-à-Brás  15,50€

Shredded salted-cod with paille fries and free-range eggs

Seabass fillet    21,00€

Drizzled sea bass fillet with pistachio and seafood risotto

Tuna tataki      17,00€

Tuna tataki with aubergine cream and wakame salad

Entrecot on the grill 0,6 lb/1,00 lb                             26,00€/35,00€

Aged tenderloin with french fries or salad

Angus burger   16,50€

Angus burger, gouda cheese, prickles and caramelized onions in grenadine

Rib bar             19,50€ 

Beef rib bar with parmentier

Vegan burger  14,50€

Beetroot burger with soya, vegan cheese, sweet prickles and caramilized onions in grenadine

Creamy rice     19,00€

Creamy rice with seafood, octopus, angler and king prawns

Iberian risotto 18,00€

Boletus and iberian pork cheek risotto

Roe venison ravioli                17,00€

Ravioli of crumbled roe venison with sweet wine sauce


Cheese cake      8,00€

Creamy cheesecake and mango ice-cream

White chocolate egg                         8,00€

Egg of white chocolate and mango mousse

Fine apple pie   7,50€

Puff pastry and apple with salted caramel ice-cream

Brownie                8,50€

Homemade brownie with yoghourt and berries ice-cream

Chocolate and Baileys espresso cream Coulant                8,50€

Chocolate coulant with Baileys espresso and  Baileys ice-cream

Extra bread



Red wines

Mosaico (joven)

glass: 3,50€

bottle: 20,00€

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Conde de San Cristóbal (crianza)

bottle: 24,00€

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Tarsus (joven)

bottle: 22,00€

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Tomás Postigo (crianza)

bottle: 39,00€

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Mauro (crianza)

bottle: 45,00€

D.O. Castilla y León

Coto Mayor (crianza)

glass: 3,50€

bottle: 20,00€

D.O. Rioja

Azpilicueta (crianza)

bottle: 20,00€

D.O. Rioja

Luís Cañas (crianza)

bottle: 29,00€

D.O. Rioja

Marqués de Vargas (crianza)

bottle: 32,00€

D.O. Rioja

White wines

El Coto (100% verdejo)

glass: 3,50€

bottle: 20,00€

D.O. Rioja

Pazo de San Mauro

bottle: 24,00€

D.O. Albariño

Sparkling wines

Moët Chandon Imperial

bottle: 80,00€